Wiva® is the first professional device for scientific tracking
and the improvement of sports performance.

Wiva® is not just a "sports tracker", but is a personal device, powerful and complete, to analize, measure and improve sports performance. Wiva® is the first "sports tracker" that allows an assessment of the biomechanical characteristics of the sporting gesture. This aspect allows you to get a better performance because a movement performed correctly leads to better efficiency of the gesture. Biomechanics combines knowledge of anatomy and the principles of physics to study human motion.
In sport, we often refer to the ‘mechanics of the stroke’. Biomechanics and Sport Science have developed over recent years and now play a vital part in sport performance. This science can help fine tune a sportsman, not only in reducing those extra seconds in competition, but also for the efficiency of any sport activity no matter how fast they are doing.

Wiva® is not only a device
Wiva is a mood, Wiva is a happy life style.
We are designing a Wiva's World dedicated to us
that we love sport
people, nature and this world.

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technology, design, innovation
just over 3 cm

Created to make available at the professional athlete or amateur Wiva® is a small inertial sensor (35x37x15mm) that uses wireless Bluetooth connection "4 low energy".
Inside there are a IMU 9 axes sensor, an altimeter and optionally a powerful GPS.

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choose where place your Wiva® device and get in track!

Place your Wiva®; you will have data of the different phases of your action and you can plan your improvements.

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simple to start…
terrific for results!

You can get a perfect view of the results and perform an accurate analysis through Wiva's Apps , derived from powerful Biomech® software, widely used in science field scientific measurements made available by the experts of the interaction.

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one for all, all for one

Wiva® will be available in specialized versions for the main sports activities; the Apps and dedicated desktop application in cloud, will extend the use of the same device Wiva® on multiple disciplines.

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Wiva's world
grows all around you

The "world of Wiva®" will soon be populated by unmatched solutions that will support you in your passion for the exercise and for the well-being which results from it. Sign up below to be informed on the developments of this technological revolution.

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Wiva will be presented in Taipei at the international Cycle show next 2 March. Visitors can check the new app pro for android with all the 4 postion ready and the new app for IOS . Also the web software will be presented. We expect a lot of interest in this device because it is the first one and the only one that can chek the...

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