Letsense Group will be present inside the Marathon Village, with an information centre and the technical support, to present as a preview the latest generation of inertial sensors for the functional analysis and the increase of the sport performances.
Wiva®, this is the name of the line of the most innovative personal devices in the market, not just a "sports tracker", but the first professional device for the analysis and the increase of sports performances.
, in addition to being a personal system of performances evaluation, is a complete program that can be used by amateurs or professional athletes, coaches or sports clubs who want to make measurable their training methods.

Wiva® will be available from the end of March in two different lines:
Wiva® Science, for the scientific and professional both medical and sport world;
Wiva®, for the online sale, for all sports fans around the world who wants to measure their own workouts and increase their performances.

Wiva® will initially be available in specialized configurations for RUNNING, FITNESS and CYCLING; the development program includes the completion of the range with the extension to all the sports (SKI, TENNIS, SWIMMING, VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL, BASEBALL, GOLF etc.) where the analysis, the monitoring of the movement and its following corrections allow a significant increase of performances. Download here the synthetic folder of the first personal scientific instrument for the analysis of the movement and the increase of performances.

Visit us at the Marathon Village to closely experience Wiva® and to assess its incredible capabilities; during the period of the event (March 19 to 21), you can have Wiva® RUN with a discount of 10%. The "world of Wiva®" will soon be populated by unmatched solutions that will support you in your passion for the exercise and for the well-being which results from it. Sign up below to be informed on the developments of this technological revolution.